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As I said earlier… things have started to move in an interesting direction for me. I have just had a bit of a break through in regards to the early stages of my marine project. Yesterday, being a member I went to the Marine Conservation Society‘s AGM. It was excellent! Very informative, and I was able to see the ‘official’ handing over of the out going chairman Sir Jeffery Newman to Martin Spray who is now taking up the position. Very nice people indeed. I took a slightly bold move and decided to ask a couple of questions (after introducing myself) in Q&A of how I could go about making a greater contribution with a possible poster campaign, and how else we could contribute to fishermen’s livelihoods while still preserving fish stocks? I was lucky to meet a few of the people in MCS, which was great, very nice people.

Back in the summer this marine concept came up as a book idea when having a chat with Conch Press (my publisher). MCS seem to like the idea of a possible book, so I will pursue it. I felt so inspired that I wrote out the bones of a story (beginning, middle and end) on the bus home!

I have decided that I will continue with my poster idea, as it was also a back up plan to be added to my port folio which I wish to upgrade for the new year, along with other things. This is a new and exciting development, and I look forward to conducting the research. The outgoing chairman’s son happens to be a marine biologist who is a fan of art, it would be great to to ask people like him for tips on the more detailed side of conservation?

I think I will take a serious attempt at writing the story over the Christmas holiday? A challenge but fun too… want to send a big thank you to those who have read my blog so far!