Well it has been some time since I last updated this blog which is quite bad of me, especially as quite a bit has been going on! But now it’s time to come clean. After many years of waiting, at long last my debut book will be launched in May at the Earth Galleries of The Natural History Museum.

The Natural History Museum. This is a panorama...

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I can hardly believe it myself, and to be honest I won’t fully believe it until the day has happened itself! It kind of feels like fishing in a lake for years hoping to get a nice bite to eat and then landing an absolute whopper that almost sinks the boat! Crazy, but such is life and I’m very happy.

There has also been a bit more work from me art wise from my last update, so I will post some on the Ethical Elephants page… it’s some new face masks that are intended to be used as part of the launch for the entertainers to wear. Here you will see all the faces of the elephants as currently only four can be seen on their page at the moment, so this will be added to.

There has also been some work produced for my Elements project too, which will be posted here once I’m totally satisfied with it. It’s of a Merman poised on a rock in a polluted coastline, who is trying his best to collect waste in two plastic bags… quite a dramatic/romantic painting in water-colour, it’s a bit of a return to some very old themes I used to muse over as child in some ways.

Entrance to the Earth Galleries of the Natural...

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Anyway I suppose the whole point of a blog is to keep people updated, so I shall have to try harder in the future. : )