Yesterday I dropped into the British Library to continue my ongoing research into the life and events of the famous Goddess of love Aphrodite. I’m reading an excellent book by Geoffrey Grigson ‘The Goddess of Love’ published in 1976 which goes into intimate detail of her birth, zenith, fall and rebirth of the Goddess which is a fascinating read.

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Why Aphrodite you may ask yourself? The reason for the research is that part of the ‘skeletal’ narrative for the Ethical Elephants is based on the ancient Greek Gods… there are and will be many other influences upon them, including the environment and culture that they are based, but the main ones will be the Greek Gods. Illawara the Empress of the Stars is very strongly influenced by the life of Aphrodite, and her book will have many indirect references to her.

Illawara’s book is set on the islands of Hawaii, because of its connections with astronomy and it’s use of world-class observatories to look at the Sun and interstellar space. I have also researched what I thought were fitting Hawaiian names for each of the characters present in the book, which will be used from time to time as the narrative develops. Hawaii is also a place of breath-taking beauty and quite a fitting place for an Illawara come Aphrodite to live?