Hampton Court Palace

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Yes I’m back again in the halls of the British Library to dig out little gems and treasures of information, ironically with quite a bit coming from the internet. None the less being here is very conducive to hard study, and I find it easier to get stuck into the more testing work. Today in my efforts I was working on the foundations of Boab’s book, who is the ‘Emperor of Emperors’ who has a home at Hampton Court Palace.

Of course this requires extensive research of the palace, and I feel I have only melted the tip of the proverbial iceberg. However it was enough to produce some solid foundations of the plot and its main characters, the start, middle and end of the book, so I leave here today feeling very satisfied with myself. I then had a good giggle reading the blog of a dear friend who is enjoying his time with adventures across America, with a visit to a far-flung organic farm no less.

He wiles away the time with wine and song, and I dig around to find Norse names for ancient Woolly mammoths. Life can be a funny business?