For past readers of my blog you may be pleased to learn that I have posted an image I created (a little while ago now) of a water-colour painting, which aims to draw attention to the unsustainable pollution of the sea. Unusually it features a Merman on a rock, set in front of a dramatic and somewhat romantic sky and coastline. He seems to be attempting in vain to clean up waste and debris from the shore as the ominous grime and stain of an oil slick approaches from behind him.

This idea was originally pitched to The Marine Conservation Society, and received a positive reception, although I have been busy researching and developing my narratives for the Ethical Elephants, I thought it was time I presented this work. In light of the recent oil spill in the North Sea, it seems work like this is relevant.

I’m thinking of entering it into a prestigious illustration competition, so any feedback is welcome. I’m also thinking of producing some high quality prints of my best work (including this one) which will be made available for people to purchase a signed limited edition copy if they like the works.  Again any feedback on this is most welcome.