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This coming Sunday the 25th of September I (through a tremendous act of serendipity) will have the chance to present a copy of my illustrated book to Quentin Blake. The event in question is The House of Illustration’s, The Big Draws Big Splash to be held at Kings Place. The ever resourceful and steadfast Quentin Blake will be continuing in his noble efforts to share the joys of illustration with everyone in this free event (for those that are curious please follow the Kings Place link).

Some of you will know that my interview with Quentin (published 2008) lead to me being commissioned to do my first illustrated book (Afindica: The Story of the Ethical Elephants) and it’s this signed copy that I wish to give to him in thanks for accepting the interview in the first place, and effectively starting my career in publishing!

Blake’s personal assistant has informed him that I wish to give him the book and he has accepted (as far as I have been informed). I think it will be wonderful to give him a copy, and would complete in my eyes what has been the first phase in a much longer adventure. He said that he looked forward to seeing my own books in print one day (I thought he was just being kind?) but his wisdom has proved to come true.

Thanks Quentin, you’re a master.