At long last, after more than 3 years of effort, I was able to make good on Quentin Blake‘s prediction, and actually give him a signed copy of my book! Sunday the 25th of September 2011 will always be remembered as a special day for me when this event was finally able to happen.

The Big Draw’s Big Slash was a huge success with over 2000 people attending. Quentin arrived via tug boat from the Canal Museum on the Regents canal, to cut a ribbon suspended between a floating island and the mooring banks of Kings Place, to loud cheers and applause. Myself and my line manager Janice accompanied him to his dressing room, and in that time me and Quentin were able to catch up a little.

Tug boat Agia Varvara at Krakari Jetty, Piraeu...

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Away from the glare of the spotlight I was able to present him my book, which he very much enjoyed and congratulated me on. Then after he had rested a little, we took him to the main foyer, where he drew on a massive sheet of paper within a very large and ornate golden frame, much to the delight of the assembled public.

Various engagements followed where he was asked to do this or that, and in general we were to keep vigilant to protect him against the general clamour. After a couple of hours of this, myself and some others took him through to have his private lunch, and there I was able to take my photo with him. I bade him goodbye and left him free to talk with a young competition winner and his mother. It was a lovely day, and especially nice to have another good conversation  with a great master. Thank you Quentin, and thank you Kings Place.