British Pakistanis

British Pakistanis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In keeping with prior posts in mentioning what I feel is significant, I almost forget to write that I’m to attend a Master class in creative writing at the Royal Society of Literature!

With some considerable luck I have managed to book myself a place in a class being given by the celebrated writer Hanif Kureishi CBE. I have no idea what to expect, God forbid I should have to read my work aloud (but I will take my key fob just in case!) but I’m full of curiosity of how others, especially writers of note go about their writings?

I’m already 12,000 words into my first ‘children’s’ novel, and those two chapters and front cover (‘Illawara’s Adventures in Starlight’, please reference my previous entry) are currently doing the rounds at the book fairs. Firstly Bologna (in March just gone) and very soon the London Book Fair (16-18th of April). I have discovered that I’m a very fast writer, which is not what I was expecting. What I have found to be a frustration is the near constant compromise of time inflicted by necessity! Day jobs can be pleasurable, and immensely informative as mine have continued to be, but they do take up time! Due to this I will not have much time to write again until I’m away on my short research trip in May (funded by said day jobs) but more will be written about my exploits in Berlin and Florence in a future post.

Coming back to the subject of this blog, I really do not have the foggiest idea of what to expect from Mr Kureishi? In my research I learn that he is controversial as well as celebrated. Reading his Wiki entry is intimidating to say the least, and I did have to gather myself a little when contemplating receiving knowledge from someone so accomplished. However I’m undeterred and ready to learn! I feel the timing could not be better, a chance to sip from a well of knowledge before I embark on my miniature odyssey, will be of great assistance. I greatly suspect the way I go about things is highly unconventional, I could be wrong of course, but most writers that I have read about have had every morsel of research done before they write the novel. Not so in my case! Due again to time and necessity the writing and the research are happening at the same time!

What will come out of this approach I have no idea, even though the full novel I’m writing is already plotted out, I have already been ambushed by the narrative surprises of my work thus far, let alone what will happen when I’m ‘on location’! Somehow a journalistic approach has and will creep into this novel, and I hope that will continue to add colour and vivacity. I will literally building my narrative based directly on what I experience on location that day, any discovery could take the narrative in any direction? I could end up with a very different book than I have intended, and the deeper themes and struggles that I anticipate emerging have already surprised me. What others and Kureishi get up to in their work remains to be seen? I will take note with keen interest.

Needless to say I will write back with a verdict in the next couple of days and share what I have discovered. Now I must be getting off to bed, 10:30am start at Somerset House in the morning!