So I have completed my first day in Berlin. I will keep this post very short as I accidentally deleted my original response in the attempt to upload a photo, much to my distress… the original ‘flow’ of the original article has been lost. None the less I will continue; Berlin is a place of rich and contrasting visual textures, in the short time I have been here I already have a clear idea of how I wish the Berlin section of my book to look. Old town house sits happily alongside an urban housing block, all woven together with a mixture of Graffiti and posters that encase Berlin like a colourful tapestry.

With it’s easy going pace, and accommodating artistic nature it’s easy to see why so many are coming to live here, and in doing so adding their own flavour to to the cultural melting pot. Sitting here it’s tempting to entertain ideas of having a studio somewhere around Neukolln where I’m currently staying, with Berlin’s sheer cultural diversity, combined with very affordable prices it doesn’t feel so much as a flight of fancy, but a real and achievable thing. A little money goes a long way in this city. So maybe in future I will do what others have done… work away in London over the winter, them come and spend my summers here, enjoying all of the delights the city has to offer?