Rubik's Cube variants from 2×2×2 all the way t...

Rubik’s Cube variants from 2×2×2 all the way to 7×7×7. Inspired by Rubik’s cube variations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well what a day I’ve had. Last night I got my first taste of the true night life this dynamic city has to offer. Each day reveals yet more little gems to discover. I’m convinced that navigating the city is similar to the experience of a Rubik’s Cube. The city seems like a continuous succession of ally ways that lead to portals of new experiences, the aesthetic here is very definite in my mind. Patchworks of colour are provided by the lurid graphics of the Graffiti, that adorn the texture of exposed brick works that protrude from the buildings like an Egon Schiele ribcage. Fabric hangs draped from the walls, illuminated by a chandelier that resembles an ethereal Jelly fish. The smoke that regularly diffuses the air of the clubs and the enclosed spaces here, allows a strobe light to trike it’s path clearly into a corner where a community of candles will cradle the light in a golden glow.

The darkness itself seems to have an almost velvety quality, it holds none of the pointed threat that one may feel in an unfamiliar part of London, it’s more as if one is embraced by the night here, and the Berlin people seem not to be shy of the hug, and return it’s affections warmly.

Berlin’s beauty is not in it’s shine, but in it’s lived in shabby chic. Especially at night the whole city seems to take on the persona of a faded theatre set, slightly neglected but very loved. This love of the rough edge, which I guess has accumulated in the collective consciousness of a city that has long been associated with the Avant-garde and louche living, has preserved the city and thus far protected it from the cynical exploitation, and commercialisation that one finds so common in London and other cities that try to ‘cash in’. This gives Berlin a remarkable freshness. In it’s willingness to be unaffected by a self conscious need to put it’s best foot forward, the partial decay is all part of it. The pretty and the not so pretty live happily together, and glance at one another without shame or embarrassment.