Hello I’m Hogarth Brown and I’m an Artist and Illustrator. I studied Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Art (2001-2005), which is where I also did my Foundation year. I’m mainly an illustrator in style although almost all my works are shown in Gallery exhibitions to date. My work is always hand drawn and water coloured although some electronic colouring is used in early pieces.

It’s important to me, to keep a tradition of hand drawing and painting alive, yes its ‘Old School’ but I find its rarity gives my work an edge?

This year I hope for my first children’s book will be published? It’s called ‘The Ethical Elephants’ and as the title would suggest there are ethics involved, in this case, a percentage of the books sales go to Elephant and Animal charities. The book will support ‘The Elephant Family’ which recently had a very high-profile campaign with elephant sculptures dotted around London in the Elephant Parade.

Conservation is some thing very close to my heart, and working on the elephant book has inspired me to explore my art and future projects on this theme. As well as being inspired by the Renaissance and it’s pioneers, I also have been hugely influenced by the classical periods, Rome and Ancient Greece in particular. The culmination of all this has led me to embark on a ‘Grand theme of Conservation’ where I will explore 6 elements. Four from the classical period. Water, Earth, Air and Fire. With two borrowed from the Chinese, of Wood and Metal. Each element will be explored in turn via a relevant myth or legend as a theme for conservation. For example I have just begun to look the element of ‘Water’ via the legend of the Mermaid, to hopefully support and highlight the need to protect the sea… but also rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and coast lines which in myth would be guarded by its own type of water entity.

The element of ‘Wood’ would be explored via the Unicorn, because in legend the Unicorn would preside over ‘pristine’ forest, woodlands and meadows etc… so one can see how the metaphor is applied to suit the conservation required… and after each is explored in turn, the project would have navigated potentially all the tangible environments of our natural world? Well currently this is the ambition. This  potentially a very long and far-sighted project, with many tumultuous twists I’m sure? Rome was not built in a day, but it started with the first brick.

Putting his dodgy political views to one side and looking at his work, it  took Richard Wagner 20 years to finish his ‘Ring Cycle‘… I do not wish to compare myself with him (that would be ridiculous) but I admire the sheer commitment to an artistic endeavor. For myself I’m thinking of taking 5-6 years to complete my cycle… but inevitably themes will be revisited, and cross referenced, there will be complications and ramifications the likes of which I cannot anticipate? But it is my life wish to find a way of integrating art (in as many forms that are helpful?) into conservation that is beneficial to both civilization and the planet.

In truth I may never ever finish this project? Or even see its fruits if it is to bear any? But none the less I feel it important to try? Besides thoughts there to be shared, and there will inevitably be some one else (among the many) that could carry on the torch and realise the project far better than I ever could?