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just an update for anyone that is interested I will be co hosting a one day event at Kings Place this Sunday the 24th from 11am-6pm. It’s a great concept encouraging contributions from young people potentially all over the world, to put together an half hour show of their particular interest be it music or interview. These will be played throughout the day at interval, as myself and co host announce and introduce in more detail the various live events and workshops that are happening throughout the day at Kings Place. This radio show and one of workshops will be happening in front of a live audience on the minus 2 level of the Kings Place Foyer. So no pressure!

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I will be focusing on the Mozart ‘Unrapped’ workshop which works as an addition to the larger scale year long ‘Mozart Unwrapped’ series that has been ongoing at Kings place from late December last year. Mozart Unrapped is an interactive project where a selection of producers were commissioned to sample, mix up and respond to any music created by Mozart in their own personal style of music, be it Rap, Reggae or Indie etc. These track once completed were then submitted to the Mozart Unrapped website where members of the public were then encouraged to lay vocals and alter the potential structure of the tracks using a software application called ‘RJDJ‘. Needless to say the results have been impressive.

Part of my contribution will be interviewing the curator of the event, Giovanna Faso. Who is of Italian and Egyptian origin. Originally  trained as a classical pianist and singer at a conservatoire, she eventually grew tired of piano tours and wished to find ways that she could combine her love of classical music with her passion as a Drum & Base DJ, and thus this project was born. Please tune into the show if any of this interests you. I will leave links here and on my blog roll.

Kings Place international:

Giovanna Faso Mozart Unrapped site:


What a wonderful weekend I have had. The book launch was a wonderful experience and so much fun. It was great seeing friends, family and a few celebs sprinkled in. The best was book signing for people, and seeing how much pleasure the books seem to give.

A huge thank you to Kings Place for hosting the launch, it went so smoothly.

Another huge thank you to Jeni Barnett of BBC Radio London 94.9FM for interviewing me on her show this morning, so great working with you and so much fun! lol For any one that wishes to listen who is maybe reading this for the first time, I’m introduced at 2:29:30 (seconds)

And if anyone would like to know more about the book please visit:

Thank you.

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