This is a selection of four pages from the now published (June 2011) ‘Ethical Elephants’ picture book that I illustrated for Conch Press Publishing.  As the name implies there is an ethical stance to the book, and a percentage proceeds from the sales will support both elephant and wildlife charities. Most notably ‘The Elephant Family‘ who ran a very high profile campaign in July 2010. You may well of seen their elephant sculptures around the city? Please feel free to check the ‘Elephant Family’ link in my blog roll.

It’s a total blessing to be involved in a project like this, and I look forward to the book helping to raise funds for the charities it will support. I also look forward to creating more books with Conch Press, on elephants and the theme of conservation in the future.

Here is a brief introduction to four of the eight elephants featured in the book, hopefully one day they will all be very familiar?

This is Boronia, the Empress of dreams


This is Gardiania, the Emperor of friendship

This is Illawara, the Empress of the stars


This is Sundew, the Emperor of fine tuning


Sydney Rose mask

Sundew mask

Jacaranda mask

Illawara mask

Gardinia mask

Boab mask

Black-Eyed Susan mask

Baronia mask

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